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Re: August 2011 mamas - July chat

Aww! Does my baby look as big as all these other babies? Guess I need to get some pics up to judge that, lol!

What a djaflkjda day... ugh! Started at 2:30 this morning when one of our friends decided to text Luke (working 2 hours away) jokingly saying he was on his way over here to party. Well, not so funny. Luke took it completely the wrong way and woke me up flipping out. Yeah, that was fun.

Then I go to drop off the kids and can't get ahold of my babysitter. So I had to have Luke's mom come over and was 1/2 hour late to work. My babysitter had court yesterday morning so I was guessing she's in jail, and yep, she is. No idea how long, though.

Luckily tonight's been much better except for the cramps I have. I think I've figured out how BC works- you just bleed forever so you never have sex. Hah.
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