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Re: Weekly chat July 30th

Looks like a couple more babies have arrived. Congrats to wordbox and marliah!! And maybe Mo if not posting is any indication...

Today is Tuesday. 36 weeks. One week til we can have our home birth. Two weeks to Teaching Symposium (an event for 300 faculty and staff that i coordinate with my boss). Three weeks to start of semester, all the pre-semester events are over, and baby is officially allowed to arrive. Four weeks til the due date. There's my countdown.

I had the GBS test yesterday but my results aren't posted to my online chart yet. hopefully tomorrow. i really hope it's negative! I don't want an iv. But as pleasant as this pregnancy has been I feel like something's gotta go against my way here soon.

I've found that last month uncomfortable unable to sleep mode. Last night I was up every two hours. Tonight I laid there forever unable to fall asleep, so here I am. DH commented tonight while taking my weekly belly shot that I'm huge. lol. And I'm only going to get bigger over the next 3-4-5 weeks. While I am uncomfortable in bed, I can't imagine how miserable I might be if it weren't for all he does for me. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of dogs, and generally just spoiling me rotten. He's going to be an amazing dad. Can't wait to see it! In at least 3 more weeks.
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