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Re: What's the best long-term option?

So here is how a doctor explained this to me because I was worried about ectopic with Mirena. So Mirena is 99.8% effective (if I remember correctly) so because your chance of pregnancy is so low, you have a lower chance of having an ectopic pregnancy versus taking no birth control. Of those on Mirena .1% will have an ectopic pregnancy (1 in 1000 women taking Mirena per year). Compared to .3-5% (3-5 per 1000 women per year) who are on no birth control. Another words, because Mirena prevents so many pregnancies, it helps to lower the risk BUT if you happen to get pregnant with Mirena, it does increase your chances slightly. Clear as mud, right? We'll probably do the vasectomy. I can't do long term bc. Yuck! Good luck ladies!
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