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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Kellie

Age?: 34

Children?: DS 15, DS 13, DD 7

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: Blue & Purple

Favorite food?: Don't really have one, I like a lot of things. If I were forced to pick one I would say sushi.

Hobbies?: I love to garden and I like canning. I homeschool the kids so that takes up most of my "hobby time".

Number of months TTC?: I miscarried at 12 weeks in April 2011 and after that we never tried to get pregnant but we didn't try not to get pregnant either. I guess it took about 9 months.

How many babies do you want?: I think this will be our last. It has been so stressful this time thinking I would miscarry. I don't know if I could do it again.

Type of birth planned?: Hospital Birth, we can't afford anything else.

Blog/website?: Nothing

Anything else you want to share?: Baby #4 is a boy! Due October 26th. People often think because my kids ages are spread out they are half sibblings, but they're not. Hubby and I have been together for 16 years, married right out of Highschool. I guess we just take a long time to recover between kids. LOL
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