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Originally Posted by ahess529
My lo is 4.5 months too and rolls to her belly too. I was using a bamboozle fitted but I think it hinders her rolling because it is bulkier. She started having a difficult time sleeping at night once she learned to roll because she couldn't roll in that. I use a bg freetime with a thirties hemp underneath and haven't had any problems. It is stay dry and she is in it 12-13 hours a night. I am scared of thirties fitted because she leaks right out of the thirties new aio. I am also open to other suggestions too!
I do think the Thirsties fitteds hold a lot more than the AIO. I used the size ones for a bit. My 3.5 mo tummy sleeper was leaking thru everything at night until I used a Blueberry pocket with the microfiber insert over a Thirsties hemp doubler.
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