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My Vampire Baby (:

My DS is 6.5 months & is cutting his 4th tooth! He got his bottom 2 at 4mnths & is now cutting his eye teeth (looks like a little vampire). I have EBF & I just started on cereal & fruit. I offer him a multitude of teething toys, but he just wants me more than any teether. He won't take a pacifier & is comfort nursing very frequently. Although he's not biting down a ton, I am getting pretty sore & sensitive. My doc suggested removing him from the breast & not letting him nurse if he's biting so he'll learn, but he's not chomping just kinda playing. Plus he gets inconsolable otherwise.

My DD got her eye teeth a bit later & she took a teether/pacifier when she got really uncomfortable, so this is new for me. I'm not going to stop BF, but would like to be less uncomfortable. Anyone else struggle with this? Advice/suggestions please?
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