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Re: CLP 1st and 2nd Grade- Many Subjects! MUST GO!

Not sure if you will seperate at all. I need:

Christian Light Publications Reading 1 Sunrise Edition - Instructor Guide ($9 PPD)
- 1 Sets of Lightunits 101-105 ($13 PPD each set)
- Reader ($8 PPD) (I Wonder)

Christian Light Publications Language Arts 1 2nd Edition:
- Instructor Guide ($10 PPD)
- 1 Set of Lightunits 105-110 ($18 PPD)

Christian Light Publications Learning to Read Sunrise Edition
- Instructor Guides (both of them)- $10 PPD (a couple pages may be bent but no writing or other damage) I only need the 2nd one, will you split? - Primer Books (1-4) -I only need 3 and 4
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