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Re: My Vampire Baby (:

Originally Posted by twood80 View Post
I don't know about that particular tooth cutting pattern, but in general once top teeth come in if you're uncomfortable they need to be latching deeper. Other than bad behavior like biting, once you get their latch re-adjusted it shouldn't be all that much different feeling for you than before top teeth.
I'm sorry, but this is not a latch issue. My DS nurses great and has since he was placed on my chest at birth. If he hadn't been latching right, I would have been sore since day one. When he's hungry, I have no discomfort when he's nursing. I can't even tell he has teeth most of the time, but this is different. Unlike my DD who took my milk in bottles frequently b/c my DH was a SAHD while I worked, my DS rarely gets anything but the breast. I use it to soothe as well as nurse, instead of a pacifier. He does play a bit at this time & is a bit more chewy (or just coming on & off the breat more frequently). It's hard for me to say that my DS is showing "bad behavior" while doing this because he is 6.5 mnths old and I want him to be soothed by the breast. Again, he is not chomping down and if he does he stops immediately b/c of my response ("Ouch!!") I think it's more of a frequency issue b/c he wants to latch several times an hour when he is most uncomfortable. My issue is whether or not I stop allowing him to soothe himself with the breast & if I don't how to ease the discomfort I'm having because of it.
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