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Originally Posted by msampson0612
I've been using a Medela in style. She's usually really awake and alert during the mornings and evenings do I've been trying to pump in the afternoon when she seems to eat less.
Is this a new pump? Are you using the let down feature. Relaxed? New pump parts? Ect? To not get anything tells me that it could be pump related. BUT remember you are in the beginning stages if nursing. To expect more than just an ounce here or there is too high. Keep stimiluaring the breasts, after she nurses. For maybe 10 minutes, 5x a day. If no output, it's your pump.

We aren't cows though. The body is kinda self regulating and some people respond poorly to certain pumps. Do what I said and you should get something.

Also, make sure your baby is nursing 12x a day right now. Nursing a lot now, will be very important in 3 months.
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