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Re: AUGUST 2011 chat--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Today is Peyton Elizabeth's Birthday!!!!!

It was a year ago today that my beautiful baby girl was born. I never knew I wanted a girl but I can not imagine my life without her. She brings such a joy to the whole family. Her laugh is contaigous and her smile lights up the room. She greats dada the moment he walks in the door.

It was a year ago today I had a VBA2C. As soon as Dh talked Peyton completely turned her head and looked at dh and he has been wrapped ever since. I have never seen anything like that before.

I finally noticed she has a top tooth. Not sure when she got it bc I was looking for bottom teeth and not top plus Peyton freaks out and will not let me in or around her mouth so I never saw it until last night.

So here are some pics and the 2nd one is from a couple of months ago. I will add a more recent one later.

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