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Re: how do you prevent diapers from staining?

i rinse the diapers right after they come off of ds's butt. then they go in the wetbag. i wash every 1-2 days since our stash is so tiny. pretty much once we get a poopy dipe i try to wash a load as soon as possible. i wash with regular rockin green since our cd store tends to run out of hard rock all the time, i use regular detergent once in a while(tide etc.). wash is cold and then 2 extra rinses. ive had BGs(older aios and 3.0 pockets) stain before but the stains on those came right out. the diapers are usually washed with towels, sheets, and sometimes clothes, just to fill the load out. i wash about 12 diapers at a time(right now were just using aios-grovia and BGE).
All in a days work!!
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