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Re: Anyone successfully supplement?

both my kids have gone back and forth between bottle and breast without any issues. i've never even tried to get them to take a bottle for "practice" before i go back to work. they just take it. i do always use the slowest flow nipple. even when my ds was over a year old. he never cared, cause he was used to it and the breast was probably slower. my freezer stash from maternity leave isn't gone yet, so dd has never had formula. but i always joked that ds would suck on anything remotely resembling a nipple, as long as SOMETHING came out to fill his constantly-hungry belly (he never took pacifiers. he'd suck for a minute and then spit them out and howl in anger that nothing was coming out). he was on part formula as soon as i went back to work at 3 months, drank formula/bm all day at daycare and then happily went back to the breast at night and on weekends with no issues. even after i stopped pumping at work and he got all formula, he continued nursing at night and on weekends until he was 11 months. the majority of moms i know have babies that go back and forth between bottle and breast no problem. i know it happens, but i haven't ever personally met someone that it DIDN'T work out for don't worry! it'll be fine! do what you have to do to keep your sanity
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