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Anyone else miss being pregnant? I just love being pregnant and feel a little sad that I am not anymore. But I am loving not having constant sciatica and swollen feet and aches in every joint and the feeling of being a beached whale every time I move and being constantly out of breath and not being able to trim my own toenails. I feel so light and skinny and amazing now (at 16 pounds to go to pre-preg wait, I am not skinny but I feel like it after losing 14 pounds in a few seconds! Lol). I love that too! But I do miss being pregnant.

I am really enjoying the newborn days this time. Last time I felt so traumatized (from the birth), and DD was really high maintenance, and I had NO idea how to take care of a newborn...I felt so overwhelmed all the time. It took me a year to finally process DD's birth and to feel ready to be pregnant again. But this time it is so different. I LOVED the birth. I feel so much more bonded with my baby. My body does not feel violated--instead, empowered. I know how to care for a newborn. I feel capable. I am enjoying these newborn snuggles so much. I really had to grow up when I became a first time mom, but now I feel the role fits perfectly. It has been a long journey, and it has been a painful, maturing one. But it has been good. God has been good.
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