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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Here is mine, both were similar:
1st day - surgery around noon, catheter and pain meds. clear liquids and jello after. They gave me crackers and juice later in day. Overnight gotup to walk to bathroom to wash down there with nurse.

2nd - early, walked to bathroom with nurse and out with catheter. Showered a few hours later by elf w nurse nearby. Ate breakfast, bacon and toast with fruit. Was able to get up and walk around as I needed. Got in trouble for being on a walk for too long. We walked to the Starbucks and sat then I needed to rest. could eat anything I wanted but notice to help with gas/poo. Collected urine for first 12 hrs after catheter.

3rd and 4th- no real constrictions (except no ice still until passed gas late 3rd day). Could shower and walk about where ever/whenever I wanted.
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