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Anyone measure ahead (fundus) and still have a small baby??

At my last midwife appointment, at 28.5 weeks, I measured 31cm. This week, at 30.5 weeks, I measured 32 cm. This baby has always measured a few days ahead on ultrasound, from the very beginning.

My last daughter was born at 38 weeks and was only 5lbs 12 oz. DH and I were both in the 6lb range and born right about on our due dates. All of our siblings were under 7 lbs. So I'm guessing DD would have been in the 6 range if she came around her due date too. I have my chart from that preg and I almost always measured right on track and a couple times a week behind.

My midwife said that by feeling baby, she doubts this baby is going to be huge.

I'm guessing the measuring ahead is from being a 2nd time mom. But I'm also wondering if I'm going to have a bigger baby this time? I definitely wouldn't mind if she is at least a lb or 2 bigger! What were your experiences if you measured bigger? Avg baby, small baby or big baby?


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