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Re: Anterior Placenta?

Originally Posted by nicolemariep View Post
I had a "normal" (posterior) placenta with DS1. I felt movement around 20-21 weeks. I honestly probably felt it before then, but you know how it is with the first pregnancy, you're not really sure what's actually the baby at 1st.

With DS2 I had an anterior placenta. I didn't feel him move until 24 weeks. It was super lame. DH couldn't feel him kick for a few weeks after that. I had more cervical discomfort with that pregnancy from him jamming his feet down there (not fun), and I also felt a lot more pressure towards my back, if that makes any sense. The only upside was not having the baby movements keep me up at night because all throughout the pregnancy they were very muffled and subdued.

This bean hasn't had an ultrasound since 10 weeks, so I technically don't know where the placenta is. However, I started feeling intermittent movement just before 16 weeks, so I am confident that this placenta isn't anterior.

So yes. It absolutely effects feeling the baby move. And in my experience it sucked a little (especially earlier on when you want to feel that bean move). However, on the bright side, you'll probably be getting much better sleep during the last trimester than those of us without anterior placentas.

Huh, this is interesting. Thanks for the info. Good to know about later in the pg too! But what about back labor then? any difference with that?
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