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Re: Anterior Placenta?

Originally Posted by darcyray View Post
This is baby #3 for me, and I feel EVERYTHING!!!!! I have not had this with my other 2. I am 30wks now. I feel movement in places I have NEVER felt before.
So do you know if your placenta is in a different place then the other times?

Originally Posted by clatchford2011 View Post

I don't know how it happens but I have had an anterior placenta in each of my pregnancies. I don't know why. I am thinking it is basically where the egg lands to implant. I am a belly sleeper so it makes sense. But no worries I felt movements on my sides before the front and more movement around 21 weeks. The further you go the placenta will probably go up. Nothing to worry about but the baby will have great cushion and it may be a tad harder to find the HB early on.
Sides....sure this makes sense

Originally Posted by american_mommy View Post
I had a placenta that covered my cervix with one of mine, it did move. I can't remember what that was called.
Honestly I have never had really early movements and this is baby #6 for me.
I have felt it move a little here and there(15 wks) but not a lot. I really think for me it was more like 16-18 wks. and with #1 even later cause I didn't realize it. But i am also a littl eheavy so I figure there is extra fat in there blocking my feeling it!
Maybe I'm just being REALLY impatient

Originally Posted by cristy_1996 View Post
I have no idea but wanted to offer support! lol

I don't know where my plancenta is now or never have! Hmm..weird!
Not sure why, but this made me giggle Thanks for the support too
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