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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

Thanks ladies...kept meaning to update but every time I was online i had one hand (holding her nursing hehe)... Things have gotten a little better nursing is getting easier for both of us. We have horrible yeast though doing probiotics for me and then putting probiotics on the nipple for her. Its what my midwife and chiropractor suggested. DH still had not a clue and is so unhelpful I get jealous of the women who have hubbys that are so helpful and supportive. I love him but he is really clueless when it comes to alot of things. He is adament about me bf but always says I "feed her too much" I should just make her stop and let her cry b/c she is a baby and "babies cry". I have tried explaining to him that bf babies can't be o na time schedule like bottle fed or your milk supply will drop. I really thought he would be "all over" our lo because she is a girl but I really feel like he was way more into our ds when he was little. He said "its cause she is always attached to my boob he doesn't have time" I totally disagree..I think he is more "detached from parenting" at the moment..he works LONG hours 15ish hours 13 days on 5 off flip flop nights/days and many times when he works the 13 he is gone gone for the 13 and even if he is home he is only here to sleep (its actually easier when he is gone gone although we miss him its easier to get on a schedule when he isn't popping in and out and my ds listens better)..I am going to try to go to a LLL meeting soon as well. We also had DS to a developmental ped the other day so were working on some answers for some issues including behavioral we have with him (part of my high stress level) they are thinking maybe autism spectrum but not sure. We don't have any family or friends close and my family isn't supportive of bf anywy if they were close. My mom and sister are constantly telling me to quit when I talk to them so I avoid that alot just cause I don't need one more person telling me I can't do it cause I know I can DD is growing and gaining great! She sleeps good from about 10-3 then wakes up and is up for like 2-3 hours then right when she goes back to sleep DS is up. Anyone have suggestions on how to get her to not be up for 2-3 hours in the night? I enjoy the 10-3 sleep but being up at 3 every day is wearing on me...You ladies are so awesome and encouraging thank you all for your kind words!!
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