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Re: Athiest/Non Religous Curriculums?

Originally Posted by Firerose_RCM View Post
I was looking at time4learning because the price is great. Is it a complete curriculum, or just a supplement? Is it easy to mix in other stuff with? Say for instance the program is covering cells in science and you want to mix in a building cells activity, extra worksheets about it, and stuff like that?
It depends on the age with Time4Learning. I am using it with my 4th grader, it is very comprehensive at this age. The science and social studies can be rather dry sometimes but they do provide additional activities and there are worksheets for some of the lessons. It would be super easy to add in a video clip or extra activities, I get library books to supplement or find science projects that correlate.

I also use it for K and 2nd grade and it lacks in science and social studies for both grades. There is no science or social studies offered for K, I use Moving Beyond the Page (completely secular) to supplement and it works out wonderful because Time4Learning covers my phonics and math and MBtP covers everything else. I also added in a handwriting program from Donna Young. My 2nd grader is just a tough cookie all around and so whatever I can get him to do is fine at this point. It's also nice because you can choose a grade level above or below their current grade level, my 2nd grader is more at a 1st grade reading level so I can use those lessons instead.

Secular homeschool is a great site with lists of secular curriculum available. And they just started a review section. There are a lot of secular curriculum, you just have to know how to search for them. Hopefully this helps some!
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