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Re: Athiest/Non Religous Curriculums?

I've managed to put together a free secular curriculum for grades prek-5th. After that I find it a bit more difficult and start buying curriculum. It really depends on what you are looking for program wise as well. is a comprehensive program for prek-5th and it is completely secular. The drawbacks are that it uses whole word instead of phonics for teaching reading and it is light on science and history. It does offer geography, music, art and Spanish depending on grade level. I have used it with my oldest from 2nd through 5th and my youngest from k and he is just about to start 2nd. I have supplemented with a phonics program and a separate history and science program. Other options would be to follow along and assign reading and projects to go with whatever the child is studying at the moment on HOTC for science and history. My oldest has special needs (ASD) and that just wasn't the best option for him. This was the perfect program for my oldest when I started out teaching him, it isn't quite as perfect for my youngest who prefers more hands on. It is free so that is really nice. is another program that can be a full program or you could use just parts of it. I use it for history. This is also free and secular but there is far more work involved on the parent's part to use it than something like HOTC or T4L where the child just logs on and does their work. I do like the history program. An option for LA books, these are also free. I'm making a break with HOTC as a full curriculum and only using the extras so I'm using some of these this year. There are Grammar, Spelling and Reading comp books. I have not used this website much but it is an entire website of lesson plans for each grade level k-12. As far as I can tell it is secular. This is what I am using for science this year. I teach both of my boys science and history together even though they are different grade levels. We just work through history and science lessons year round regardless of where they are in their other curriculum work. The boys are really enjoying this particular Science curriculum and it was free. If we go for the next book we will have to pay for it but it is a well laid out program and no religion in it, just scientific fact. is what I used to teach my boys to read. It is not free but was definitely worth the money. Tharen finished 1st grade reading at a high 3rd grade level and he hasn't even finished his funnix program yet. is another learn to read program. It is free other than printing and it is a nice program though I thought it was a little slow moving. We use it along with funnix but Tharen is often bored with it. Spelling, you can use the free version or pay a little to become a member. Kearnan enjoys the games. Spell by color is the spelling program I use with my oldest. He can't learn to spell just by memorizing words and then testing on them. Spell by color teaches the actual rules and it is free (I believe the second year may cost $8). It is a really great program. Your child needs to be reading well before you can use this program. Grammar and writing books. I use these with the boys as well. I really like this program for grammar. I have always said you could build a curriculum at BBC's student page. We have spent a month or more using the history page for our history lessons. is a great place for history lessons. Like Mr. Donn but for science

Then there is paid curriculum

I always wanted to try Oak Meadow but it would have been miserable for my oldest so I didn't bother starting.

We use Saxon for Math starting at 4th grade but you can start from K. I also use Hake Grammar (Saxon Grammar) staring in 6th grade but you can start with Saxon phonics and just move up. I love Saxon and have been very lucky finding Saxon math used cheap.

For first grade for my oldest I used And it is a very easy to use and complete program. You can usually buy most grades of this pretty cheap used. My son didn't love it but it just didn't fit his needs well (too much fine motor work for him).
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