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I would, without question, have made the same decision you did! Obviously your body is getting ready on its own, and as there is no medical need for you to go now, you are better off waiting! If he broke your water now, there is a risk of prolapsed cord (I would never allow water to be broken at just 5cm--the baby's head could still easily be floating), and there would be a fairly good chance you'd end up with some pitocin. Plus if he broke your water yet your contractions didn't pick up enough, you would be on the clock and have to give birth in 24 hours (so you would end up with pitocin or a c-section). Anyway, all that is to say that you made the right decision! Your body will kick into action when it is ready, and the fact that you are already at a 5 is excellent because it means less work for your body when active labor finally starts.
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