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Originally Posted by AnimalHouse
If it's not a latch issue, and he's just doing it for fun, the only real way to stop it is to stop letting him do it. Whenever DS3 playfully bites me, I unlatch him, say "no biting mama", and then let him relatch. He doesn't get inconsolable (because I let him relatch), but he's also learned to associate biting with instantly being unlatched, KWIM?
Yep, I've been doing the same. I guess it will just take a bit for him to learn. I just didn't know how long I should keep him off the breast before I let him relatch. Sounds like you pretty much let him relatch after telling him no & unlatching & it works. Great! My doc made it sound like I should keep him off for a while so that he can make the association w/biting & no more booby (: I felt like he was really getting distressed though, hence me getting stressed. Thanks!
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