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Re: YOUR closet - how many clothes??

I am in no way a minimalist, but aspire to be.....just wanted to chime in that I've found some great high quality items at consignment stores. I got a pants suit for $24 and wore it yesterday and have never gotten so many compliments. At a different consignment store, I've scored some great casual wear as well. I am striving for quality over quantity (but still have plenty of cheap t-shirts from ON and Kohls. They are my weekend wardrobe.)

I am taking next week off from work and aim to clear out more of my wardrobe. I want just a few of each item (skirts, dresses, pants, jeans), but probably more tops & sweaters to mix & match. I do have quite a few pairs of shoes though (but I got most of my recent ones at consignment stores).

Thanks for posting the's got me thinking about de-cluttering!
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