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My first was an induced epi birth and second was a natural water birth at a birth center. For the next one, I want to have a water birth at home.

I was scared of the pain a but, but I figured there were no options for pain meds long ago, so I must be able to do it. There was only one time period I thought I would have asked for an epi if I was at a hospital, and my LO was born about 15 minutes later. The saying goes, when you don't think you can handle any more, it doesn't get any worse.

I was very drowsy after my epi birth, and DD1 wasn't breathing when she was born, and the doctor told me it was probably because of the Nubain (sp?), another pain med I tried before the epi. After the natural birth, I had the high everyone talks about... I was eating, I took a shower, and felt great!

If you are scared of how to handle the pain, I suggest a doula and/or midwife. The childbirth class at the hospital only taught us to breathe and no positions or anything to relieve the pain. A midwife and/or doula are with you the while time and know all the tricks in the book.

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