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Hmm, is something keeping her awake, like reflux or gas/poop? Or does she just want to "play"? What do you do when she wakes at 3? Could it possibly be waking her more than necessary, like a trip to the changing table? Maybe you could take care of her diaper in bed so she stays drowsy. When mine wakes I nurse right away (lying down in bed) and she'll go back to sleep on a good night. If she's having a bad reflux episode or if poop is trying to escape then it may prevent her from falling asleep and we deal with the issues. We may be up for an hour and a half those nights. I know those things will fade away as she gets older.

If you think a diaper change is keeping her up (or a wet diaper is keeping her up) you could try this. Mine sleeps nakey bottom on a prefold. If/when she wets, it is super easy to switch it out for a dry one (and wipe her butt if she needs it) without stimulating her too much. I have a fleece blanket under the prefold to protect our bottom sheet. I know, it's a little weird but super easy.

It's good that you may have some answers soon about DS. Sorry your family is so unsupportive of breastfeeding. Your DD is lucky to have a mama like you! And DS to
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