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Talking 16 Mama made last of my kiddo's stash M L girl. $20shipped

In the picture in the first column is the yellow pul and navy micro fleece inner, think it might be a large, but could be medium
Below it are Fleece diapers first 2 have pink poly velour innerspring, third has white micro fleece. Only the tabs are print pul for cuteness. The fleece is the kind that a step up in wet protection fromthe windpro, but don't remember the name. These are all larges

Middle column...
Top 2 are rainbow elephants on light blue pul with red suede cloth innerspring
Next is the faded Ooga booga with purple suede cloth inner and snaps
Old silvery ribbed pul with printed micro fleece inner
Purple minky pul white micro fleece Inner. Pul separating from lamination, but has been like that forever and still worked fine!
Purple pul with printed pul across the back top. White suede cloth inner

Right column...
Light aqua velour pul with Nemo .. marine animals..printed pul on back and tabs
Pink poly. Velour inner
Pink purple floral pul with white micro fleece inner.
Pink satin pul with flowers and swirls of ribbon and says Barbie in ribbon, purple micro fleece inner
Light pink and black plaid pul black suede cloth inner
Turquoise velour pul with white micro fleece inner. Might be separating lamerination also, but my favorite diaper on look, feel and fit

Never had any leaking in any...just need them out of my space!

Whole lot, 20$ shipped to you! Pm me

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