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Whatever happened to "Congratulations"?

I'm happy to be expecting #5, and have just started telling people. I can't believe how thoughtless they can be, though thankfully nothing really cruel. Still, most of these people are from church... maybe I expected more from that crowd. I suppose it's gotten worse with the last few babies, but seriously:

"And you're happy about that?"
"Is [dh] ok with it?"
"Wow, so you'll have, what, 5!! now?"
"You need a TV"
etc. etc. etc.

I feel like I should be ashamed or something. The few people who've been genuinely happy for me are the ones who knew about the little one we lost last year. I'm still just as pregnant with a real baby as a woman having her first - why are #1 and #2 the only ones people can be at least polite about anymore?

They even say these things in front of my other children... it saddens me. I hate to think of all my husband is or will be hearing too...
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