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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

do you nurse her lying down so that you can go back to sleep? if not, you should! i've seen online instructions for it, but i can't remember where right now. it took me awhile to figure out with my son, but once i got it, oh man it was awesome. my little girl has been up pretty much most of the last couple of nights nursing. usually she sleeps really well but i think she's having another growth spurt. anyways, i just get her up, change her diaper on my bed, and then lay down and nurse her while i go back to sleep. occasionally i wake up cause she fell asleep and fell off the breast and is complaining, so i just pop her back on and i'm out again! it's very common for babies to do this from time to time when they're this young. side-lying nursing is the best. ever.

ETA: just saw that you said it hurts. i get that, i took a break from it for several weeks because it was hurting me too much. all i can say is, keep trying. don't make yourself crazy, or let her damage your nipples (mine are still kind of finishing healing up, i have a lot of issues with it in the begining) but just keep trying it every couple days. you'll get it. my son was probably 4 months before i really "got it" with him. but it has seriously saved my sanity.

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