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Re: Reviewing Medical Records

I only got the records for my son that lived 28 minutes. It was 11 pages long and I felt it was a good connection to him. After all he died in the delivery room.

My other 3 children (NICU babies all, 2 died) I didn't want their records. I trust those people completely and in the case of my daughter (lived 5 months 5 days all in the hospital) I had reviewed many of them while they were happening anyway. Nurses were asking me questions like where the good thermometer was and such during her stay.

To me I saw this as going to the sausage factory to see how it is made. The end of the day it doesn't matter and why get mad about something that can't be changed.

Full disclosure, my son Alexander, died of a yeast infection caused by poor hand washing. That is the only way he could have got what he got. We didn't want to sue because no amount of money would give me my son, and honestly that is all I want (he would be 6 years old now). The diagnosis was on his death certificate. See what I mean about going to a sausage factory to see how it is made?

Good luck! I hope it brings you some comfort. For me it would just make me not trust any doctor anymore and honestly I can't have that especially since I am in another high risk pregnancy.
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