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Re: c-section birth plan?

I can't VBAC either. I had a C/S with my first and they confirmed that the reason he never dropped is because my pelvic arch is really, really narrow.

Anyways, my birth plan wasn't completely explicit but there were some things I touched on --

I wanted my husband to cut the cord after the cut it sterile.

I wanted to have the baby brought to me in Recovery after the nursery. This did not end up happening because his body temp dropped and he needed to be under the warmer longer than I was in Recovery, but it was on the plan.

I wanted the baby to be washed with the baby wash I provided, along with the diapers, CJ's, etc I had. They were in a little carry bag that my mom handed to my DH when he accompanied baby to nursery.

I did not want Benadryl to be shot into the IV after all the painkillers as I personally am very, very sensitive to Benadryl when not in pill form.

I wanted to nurse as soon as I could, and asked for the lactation nurse to come see me in my room when I was settled - first appt I can get.

We are a vaccinating family and I wanted the Vit K so that was in there.

I went over it with my OB, my nurses in the OR, and my nurses for aftercare while I was hooked up to the IV getting the antibiotics the hour before I went in. Everything was respected but I wasn't asking anything weird or really even out of the ordinary, plus it's a teeny hospital - only three babies on average born there a day, generally not more than one C/S per day.
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