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Question about staying latched...

Maybe I'm asking a "stupid" question... Oh well!

My little one is 8 weeks today and doing just great, really (always plenty of wets/dirties, gaining and growing like a champ, no green and frothy poops, etc.)... Buuuut. She doesn't "like" staying latched on. If I try to nurse her in a cradle or cross-cradle (or any way with me sitting up) she is typically fussy after a couple of minutes. (not every time. But she rarely rarely comfort nurses this way.) If we lay down to nurse, she is golden. Kind of. She is happy to nurse and get her fill of milk and/or comfort, but she is unlatching and relatching repeatedly. Sometimes every thirty seconds or so. I do have a pretty hefty letdown, so I understand that she likes to pop off to avoid the fire hydrant. lol. But why is she popping off even when I'm not spraying?
And how will I ever be able to nurse in public? I'm down with public nursing, but not with flashing people. Or laying on the floor in the middle of a store. Hahaha.
Am I teaching her a "bad habit" by letting her unlatch so often? I don't know how not to though... Because that's how she's happy!
Sometimes she needs to nurse while we're out, but it never goes as well as I want it too.

I feel like there is something I'm missing. Or maybe this is normal for a brand new mommy?? Never seemed like it in all of "the books." Help me out here, ladies.
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