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Re: New chat thread--come in, come in!

Originally Posted by Sweetbabybows View Post
Dannic - The Glucose test was awful!! You can't eat anything for 12 hrs before then drink a ton of sugar (twice as much as the 1 hr test) and have to sit there for 3 hrs. You get stuck 4 times and to top it off I had to listen to all the workers give their lunch order then the girl came back with food from my favorite place Oh and then pay them $300 for doing it lol. One good thing thought.....I was able to finish a hat to match one of the sleep sacks I made for the baby.

When is everyone's next appt? I have one tomorrow and I'm a little bit nervous. At my last app I had gained 9 lbs and went from measuring right on time to three weeks ahead. I know I've only gained about 4 lbs since then but I'm curious about how I'm measuring.
I hope you pass!
My next appt is on the 15th.
I always measure bigger starting around 34 wks. I also gain around 50 lbs each pregnancy, but have huge babies, huge placentas, and lots of fluid. It always comes off, so I don't sweat it (and my midwife is really more concerned about a healthy high protein diet than weight gain, so I guess I am lucky there).
I have been known to gain nothing one month and 9 lbs the next.

Our district does a 4 day week, so they start early and end late. We don't follow any sked but our family cycles...we are starting early for us so we can take a month off when baby comes.
I had a lady at a store get me all worked up yesterday...
I had been running around town in hot humid weather and it was at my last stop. I was a bit cranky, too, lol. I walked by her and she said, "Oh, you're having that baby soon!" I kept walking and said, "I hope not, I''m not due til OCtober!" Too which she called after me, "Oh, then you;re having a boy, right?" I called back that we were team green and dashed away from her. Seriously, what karma o I have that gets me these types of comments??? I get so many starting at around 6 mos...I must be due, I'm having twins, just wait and see how big I get...on and on. I have had people ARGUE with me about the twins and edd. Mostly women, but once it was the same man at church, lol (which, ironically, is where I get the most negativity).
End vent.
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