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Re: Who is working on their newborn diaper stash?

Originally Posted by li'l skeeter View Post
1st time mama, 1st time cloth diapering...please give feedback if I have enough...looking at other mama's lists, I feel really unprepared! I'm on a budget so I want to have enough, but not overloaded with things that are not essential! I can always get more covers once I figure out which ones work for us.

4 Softbums echos
6 Twinkletoes (3-15lbs size)

~30 softbums (some bamboo, dry touch, super dry touch)
1 dz. prefolds--preemie
1 dz. prefolds--infant

That's it! Is that too simple??
It looks great! Are any of the softbum inserts nb? The others may be huge at first...maybe you could find some nb inserts on the cheap? Thats all I would add...I have both stay dry and bamboo nb softbums and really like the look ofthem. Flips also have inexpensive nb inserts--or you could buy one of those washcloth packs and fold those in the covers as well! Or just to have on hand in case...I like to have about 36 changes for nb stage.
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