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Re: Bright red blood then nothing!...need advice/encouragement

Originally Posted by edens_mom View Post
Good decision I think, too. Labor could be right around the corner for you, hang in there! With this baby my labor started out wimpy and sporadic and got me to 4cm and 80% [I had a scheduled OB appt in the middle of it] without so much as a wince. It was on again, off again, never very strong, and then I woke up in labor 12 or so hours later and I got to the hospital 9 cm without even trying to delay. Apparently my body wanted to take it slow and easy, and maybe yours does too.
I hope mine is like this! I went to the chiropractor today and already feel much more relaxed and I know we made the right decision. I have no expectations anymore! I think once real labor starts, there will be no mistaking it and I will do what I need to do. I am so excited to meet my little boy!!
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