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Originally Posted by champatlife
small history- I had one due date (matched with LMP- and estimate dates (there was 3 back to backit could have been) of conception, I had an early sonogram that matched up. Then I switched providers, and they started caluclating my date based off my 20 week ultrasound, and my due date got pushed back. I did ask them about it, but then decided a later due date meant I wouldn't be forced into an early inductions.

NOW: I went in today and my fundal height is measuring a week behind (which really means I'm measuring 2 weeks behind) Should I worry about it? or should I chalk it up to it's easy for someone to mess up measuring to some degree anyways since nothing is ever "exact"?
The height is not exact science. I have never measured correctly. Ever. I have the records from my first son actually and every single visit it was off. I remember ds#2 being the same.

I'm also thin and keep my weight gain under 30lbs with pregnancy. So idk if that plays a part??
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