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Re: Whatever happened to "Congratulations"?

Don't feel bad I only have 2 and as soon as I was pregnant with #2 my mom went into a tirade about my reproductive decisions. That there is more to life then being pregnant and giving birth. You went to college so you can stay home?! The mean comments from her didn't stop until I stopped answering calls. THANK GOD she lives a few states away or I don't know what I'd do.

When I was going through my miscarriage last year she said it was because of my 'lifestyle' (well technically at the time she made the comment it was an unknown medical condition that was making me bleed and in pain for 3 continuous months the miscarriage was confirmed after the 2nd twin passed). This year we conceived unintentionally and once I had a grip on the situation I shared with family and friends FIL and MIL were ecstatic! They were so happy they were getting more grand babies. My mom? Her response was "my dog is pregnant too!" then hijacked the whole conversation about the gestation of puppies and how happy she was about it and I continued asking questions since clearly that's the topic she wanted to discuss. In a follow up conversation she once again started her usual speech about my choice to have more children and demanding to know when we would stop.

So I can only imagine the hate coming my way if we are expecting baby #5. So don't stress it. Its YOUR blessings and YOUR family so you have to make it special and not put too much stock in the insensitivity of some people.

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