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Re: Whatever happened to "Congratulations"?

Originally Posted by solarbabies View Post
Congrats on number 5! I got nasty comments when expecting #2! And now that we have a boy and a girl...everyone says we are lucky and done. Yeah, we are done...but not because we got a girl and a boy...because 2 is the number we decided on!
THIS! ^ Is what my mom also said, you already have a girl and a boy why else would you want more? That sounds so mean! So if I had 2 boys and then a girl does that mean my 2nd boy doesn't count? Is he chopped liver?!

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
Sorry mama, people are stupid. We only have one set of twins, to me that is a very small family. When we were pregnant with #3 I had a TON of comments from fellow MOMs (mom's of multiples) that we were "crazy" and much much worse. When we lost that baby the comments grew even more mean, "well you would have gone crazy, it is better this way, a family of 4 is a perfect number...". We are pregnant again and I am planning on just doing a blanket announcement, something like, "We are VERY happy to say we pregnant, we believe every child blesses our family!"
that's just MEAN! I lost a set of twins last year and I felt pregnant but was told by 3 different medical providers that I was NOT. In fact I was and 3 months along when I started miscarrying the first and later the 2nd twin. I'm still mourning because initially I was HAPPY that I had an answer after going almost 6 months in pain and bleeding for 3 months! At least it wasn't my leukemia making a comeback in another form of cancer! however, once the relief wore off I started mourning what could have been and my gut feeling that I was pregnant. A friend said to me after seeing me depressed about the miscarriage "If you didn't know you had it, did you really lose anything?" yes, yes I did!

so mama and CONGRATULATIONS on your baby!
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