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Re: Not what I expected

Yes a little. Everyone processes things differently. My DH has never cut a cord and has been upfront every time that he has no desire to do so. Doesn't mean he loves his children any less or that he was not involved in the process. I really think it's important to focus on the big picture and not spend time being consumed with things that in the end are not that important. What is important to you may not be important to him and that is okay. As much as the birthing experience is about you, it's a good thing to allow your partner to experience it in the way he needs to as well. It's the birth of his child and watching his partner go through a life changing event that he can't truly help with. It's stressful for them too. I would cut him some slack and try to move on. Even if you had a home birth next time, there will be things outside of your control and things he will do that are not exactly as you want them.
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