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Originally Posted by Nerissa
Yeah a little, I would let it go. Not everyone has the same desires/wishes when it comes to child birth.

My DH had no desire to cut the cord nor even get anywhere near the birth. Meaning he stayed at my head with his eyes no lower than my chin. He doesn't handle that kinda stuff well at all. It was way more important to me for him to remain stading and not pass out than cut the cord. He didn't even make it to DS2 birth and really both of us were just fine with that.
Same experience here. The docs were even pressuring him to do it, I knew he had NO desire to, I said, "he said he doesn't want to do it! Can we please move on" he was relieved!

It is the first of many encounters you will come across while parenting together, you'll need to learn to let your partner be the parent they are, or you will be setting yourself up for a lot of conflict and undermining.

Try and enjoy the beautiful baby that came from that day and let the details go. In the end it's not important.
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