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Birth Assault

Have you experienced this, and has it changed your view of birth?

I just read the phrase "birth assault" in another thread and realized how accurate it is. It perfectly describes my feelings about my episiotomy. Babe's head circumference is and was in the lowest percentile for his age, and he weighed only 7 pounds at birth. He's healthy, just skinny all around. My midwives called the OB because babe's heart rate was falling during contractions due to a pinched cord, and thems the rules. The OB marched in and immediately wanted a c-section. In response I told him to go *blank* himself and began pushing like heck even without contractions. I got my babe from -2 to +2 in less time than it took for the OB to setup the operating room and call the anesthesiologist. When the OB came in next the midwives had to stop him from wheeling my bed away because my babe was crowning. As soon as he realized there wouldn't be a c-section he grabbed the snippers and cut me, over my husband's and my objections. My husband and I both yelled that I did NOT want an episiotomy and would prefer even a severe tear, but the OB shot back that my babe could die if he didn't do it immediately. Frankly I don't buy that. When babe came out his apgar was 8 at minute 1 and 10 at minute 5. This is not a baby who was about to die. This was an OB who was pissed off that I didn't need him to cut me open, so he decided to cut wherever he could. I call that assault. At first I was very confident in my midwives and hospital birth, but now every time I think about having a second baby I see my body splitting open where that man cut me and it makes me furious.
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