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What would you do?

We recently experienced a series of tropical storms. This resulted in 5 day a power outage and I lost my entire freezer stash of over 100 ounces. I've recently gone back to work full time and while I do pump twice at work and nurse her during my 1 hour lunch break. I'm unable to restock the freezer because DD is literally attached to me from the minute I walk through the door and all weekend long. While I am keeping up with what she needs I would like to have that back up in the freezer just in case. How can I increase my milk supply so that when I pump I get two feedings instead of 1 and I can freeze the extra milk I have at the end of each day. DD is 6 months I like to send 20 ounces with her to daycare so ideally I'd need get 25 ounces at least within 3 pumping sessions. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry it's so long.
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