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Re: Bright red blood then nothing!...need advice/encouragement

Originally Posted by 2beauties View Post

I did not go into real hard labor until I was about 9 1/2 cm with DS2. I went to the hospital when I was 7 cm and finally let her break my water. But it was still a slow labor with spaced out contractions. Grant had his cord around his neck twice and slowly made his way out. If I had been induced then I would have had an emergency csection. Trust your instincts, and what you are comfortable. Your body may just be gently progressing for a reason.
I totally agree with this! Our bodies are not broken just because they do not follow textbook labor patterns! I read another birth story of a woman with a long, erratic labor who ended up having an extremely short umbilical cord and a fundal placenta. Her baby just NEEDED to make a slow, easy descent or else it would have been problematic for both mom and baby.
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