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Re: Whatever happened to "Congratulations"?

I just remembered, DH has had women in his office ask him point blank "don't you love your children? why would you have more??" because having more children means you can't spend time and money on the older children, therefore we don't love them. We're only on #4 people, it's not like we have ten and lose track of how much time is spent with each one. And my kids need clothes and toys and trips to the zoo more than a sibling. :eyeroll:

Like one of the pp said though, often the wife gets more comments than the husband and he doesn't understand. The Sunday after my due date with #3 I told DH I wasn't going to church because of the comments I'd been getting. He basically told me I was exaggerating and should get over it. He went to church, I slept, and when he came home he looked sheepish and said "yeah.....I got a LOT of comments..." and apologized.
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