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Re: The Big Mamas August Thread

I hope no one minds! It's the third and there still wasn't a new thread so I thought I'd start us out.

Your name Laurel
Starting Weight 184.5 (actually was over 195 at the Dr 1 month before my first official weigh in at home so I count weight lost from then but I started eating healthier before then)
Current Weight 158lbs
Short term goal- Get back on track! Both with excercise and tracking my food.
New Short term goal: In the healthy BMI range by Aug 24th(when school starts)- 155lbs. (this is starting to feel impossible though)
Fitness goal: Four workouts a week. Finally use my free gym membership.
Long-Term Goal 50-70 lbs. (I'd love to loose 70 lbs because my fame is tiny but I just am afraid to shoot for that much for fear I'll fail, and 50 less would put me at a perfectly healthy weight)
Weight Lost to Date: 27 lbs.
Weight Loss Plan Eat healthy and get my blood sugar under control, track with MFP and moderate exercise.

Didn't make all my goals from last month, so I guess they get to carry over and continue on this month. Still trying to eat healthier, which is hard when dh keeps asking for things I shouldn't have but are find for him to eat. As much as I love raw milk, I think for purely calories sake I may have to switch back to low fat because I love milk and hate only getting one serving a day because it's double the calories now. So lots to think about.
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