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Re: July 30 - Aug 5 Chat

Originally Posted by melyndie View Post
Had one week appt today, and Emerson has heat rash, thrush, and a food sensitivity. Poor baby! Either the thrush or food sensitivity probably explains some of his bouts of fussiness lately and his inconsolable crying yesterday evening. So it is off the dairy for me...
Evangeline has been having some issues with dairy as well. The horrible part is that now that I can't have milk or cheese, all I want is a big glass of milk and a grilled cheese sandwich. I think it's the "It's forbidden, so now I want it" mentality Evangeline also has a little bit of a heat rash and what looks to be a laundry soap sensitivity. I ran out of the tide f&c that I had been using so I switched to Lulu's in the fluff. I loved it with my DS so when the cloth diaper store near me went out of business, I bought all they had in stock(about a years worth of soap) but Evangeline is breaking out in a rash from it
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