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Originally Posted by IowaGold
I didn't want to inconvenience my workplace/take breaks if I could help it (I'm a veterinarian in a small clinic) and I had plenty of work that can be done while sitting (writing records, inputting new inventory into the computer, etc.). So I got myself Freemies and am perfectly comfortable pumping in the shared doctors' office, even with people coming and going (and asking me questions, etc.). I put them on in the bathroom (I never mastered the slipping them under the bra technique) and then go hook up to the pump. It also helps that I have a large drawer next to my desk where I put the pump. With the drawer almost closed (only the tubing coming out), you can barely hear the pump going. I was a little embarassed at first, but got over it quick, knowing I was doing the very best thing ever for my baby.
This is dedication! I pump 3x at work every day and pump less than 10 ounces total. It sucks but its worth it to me. I agree with all the PPs. I eat oatmeal every day, have a pump bra, do something distracting while I pump, and focus on the baby. I use an office at work and have a paper cover over the door. I usually use an electric pump but this past week I used a manual pump just to try it out. I definitely prefer the electric pump, even though I get less with it, because I can have my hands free while I pump.

I think you should pump before and after work and on lunch break if you have one. Think of at other times during the day as a bonus! I've pumped many a times in my car. People give me odd looks but whatev. (:

Good luck and dont feel bad if it doesn't work out. I think you can make it work with only pumping minimal times at work. Just pump any other chance you get at home and your stash will slowly increase.
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