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Re: YOUR closet - how many clothes??

Ok, I took full inventory since everything is clean. I still need to purge quite a bit, more than I thought. What I do have does fit neatly in my five foot wide reach-in closet with two poles with room to spare. However, I am in a bit of transition at the moment (first gained and now losing weight, moved to a new house near a lake my kids live in where every family has a large dog, looking to go back to work within the year) so I am holding on to some things that I don't wear much now but will in the future. My kids get filthy going in the lake and doing art projects, and get me filthy, so it is not usual for me to have to change clothes at least once a day. I do have to go to dress-up events 5-6 times a year. I'm also in a climate where the temps range from below zero to over 100 within the year.

5 "fancy" maxi dresses (These were a recent purchase. I needed something synthetic I could wear down to the lake, and now they are a staple of my summer wardrobe.)
2 casual cotton/rayon maxi dresses
3 undershirts (for layering in winter)
2 "work in the yard or on the house" tees
20 short sleeve tees. I recently bought some to replace the stained ones, and I haven't purged those yet. Need to get on that. I liked having 10 before I bought the dresses, I may go lower this time.
10 long sleeve tees. Should purge to 5.
One large white button-up shirt (think of a man's dress shirt) to wear over things
13 light sweaters. Yeah, too many, time to purge down to 5.
5 flowy cardigans that all coordinate with the blouses and dresses and tees
3 pairs of "fancy" skinny jeans for going out. I'm not sure how I wound up with three of these, LOL.
4 pairs of bootcut jeans
1 pair of brown western jeans
2 "work in the yard or on the house" jeans
5 pairs of yoga pants (I try to work out 3 times a week)
3 capris (I don't wear shorts)
3 heavy wool sweaters
4 light wool sweaters
6 cotton plain sweaters (that should all be purged probably)
3 cotton fancier sweaters
3 sweater dresses
1 long sleeve dress
1 short sleeve dress
2 skirt/blouse sets that are interchangeable
3 neutral long skirts
5 sleeveless blouses
4 short sleeve blouses
1 long sleeve silk blouse
1 pair of khakis
5 pairs of dress pants (for when I go back to work)
1 pair of wool pants
1 dressy sweater
1 casual suit jacket
1 dressy suit jacket

So there you have it. Minimal? Not really. But it's getting there. I think after I have lived here in the new place longer, and have gone back to work, I could easily cut it in half. But I need to know what I need here and at the new job first.
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