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Wordbox, are you... Me? I could have written your second birth story except it was my first. We were fully prepared, i thought. Finally got DH completely on board with natural, convinced him to do a bradley class on sunday evenings during football season, we had a 24 hour playlist set up. Then my water broke. 16 hours later a doc decides "it didnt break all the way" and attacked me with what appeared to be a crochet hook. DH is scarred for life. At 18 hrs we realized it was going to be pit or csection.
Not gonna lie... It was intense. I literally was trapped in my body. Totally conscious, having little convos in my head, but couldnt speak. Couldnt bear fir DH to touch me so all the massage etc was out the window... Poor guy just sat there with me in silence for like 8 hours. I had like an hour debate with myself... Do i want to poop or push? Once we decided to start pushing i literally do mot remember any pain and was talking and joking, lol i guess that was quite the adrenaline rush!
Afterwards i was up and about very quickly and my physical recovery was SERIOUSLY quick. I think 2 things are really important to know-
1. You can't call the shots, you can only be informed and prepared. Mother nature can always throw you a curveball so its good to know whats going on, why, and what all of your options are
2. Thus is the most important i think, you need a birth partner who is 100 percent with you and can be your advocate. Whether its dh or doula. I would highly recommend "the birth partner" by jay bradley. At least thats what i think its called.
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