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Worried about posterior birth!!! Also, help me pick a middle name...

So I had dd 18 months ago. I'm due this month with baby #2 (no idea on the gender!!!).

I had a birth center birth which was great... except for the one thing they couldn't change, prevent, or predict: at the last minute, dd turned sunny side up, giving me heinous back labor, and making pushing almost impossible (we ended up having to do an episiotomy, though the midwives didn't want to).

Has anyone had a long posterior with #1 only to have a quick and easy #2? I'm crossing my fingers that this one is going to come out nice and easy (but not completely holding my breath!).

Also, any good ideas for middle names that go with Lucca (for a girl)? I don't want anything that just sounds "middle namey" like Ann, Grace, or Lynn. DD is Constance Noel, for reference. I think our boy name is already picked...
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