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They were cheap. But looking back.. I think pricing was not a score like I thought 23 ppd. They are rough. Poop in a lot of the tabs. The tabs are full of 'stuff' even if you dig it out, they need to be be replaced. Almost all of them. No inserts and again... They are rough. I knew buying them was a gamble. The PUL seems intact and the elastic has some life so I think I am going to clean them like crazy, I got 23 for 100. But I do wonder if they are 2.0... How do I tell??

Poop. Poop!!!!!!! How do you even put it on your own kid with poop on it gonna need a lot of bleach for these puppies.

I'm too tired to deal with them right now. I'll sleep on it. Poop is a line idk if I can do. Poop... Still baffled. I shoulda known when I saw them. They kinda looked like anything was possible. Hahahahagaha! Some deals are too good to be true!
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